Temporary Art

A resourceful artist will usually try to find ways to get the word out about his or her latest work. While painting large canvases I thought it would be interesting to create a work of art on a cookie. I love the idea of food as art and at the time I was into trying many different cookie recipes.

The humble iced sugar cookie turned out to be the ticket! Once I landed upon the right combination of ingredients, flavors and techniques ArtCookies was real.

As a chef it is very exciting to leave the attendees of an art show or other social ceremony with a memento that reflects the theme of the event and also is delectable to eat. As an artist it is amazing to create a work of art that can touch someone emotionally and yet be gone in two or three bites.

2 thoughts on “Temporary Art

  1. I love these cookies! I’m dying to know how you did it. I can kind of figure it out, but darn it, these are fantastic! So refreshing from the character and cutsie cookie work that is out there…..not that there’s anything wrong with it, but this is so much more sophisticated. Thank you for posting this, and darn you at the same time 🙂


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